Dexterity Salon


Teams, don’t forget your first appointment with Dexterity for hair and make up. tomorrow. Tuesday Sept 22nd, 8:30-12PM (individual appointments are in 15 minute increments).
Models to have their first meeting with a group of Dexterity stylists to discuss their teams concept for the show.  Each model should be prepared with sketches & photos of the hair and make-up they are envisioning to help the stylists understand what type of feeling/concept they’d like portrayed. Teams should have any hair accessories created by this time so Dexterity can plan for unique attachment methods that may be needed. 
The stylists and salon are generous enough to be donating their services so please be prompt and prepared for your time slot.  The salon will begin seeing clients at 12:00/noon sharp so it is important that each person is on time! 

Here’s is the schedule. If you need a different time slot please see if another team can trade you.
8:30 AM: Midwest Commercial Interiors
8:45 AM: VCBO
9:00 AM: Interior Solutions
9:15 AM: IBI Group
9:30 AM FFKR
9:45 AM Henriksen Butler
10:00 AM GSBS
10:15 AM Interiors West
10:30 AM BYU
10:45 AM Anderson Design
11:00 AM EDA
11:15 AM Utah State University
11:30 AM Lisman Studio

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