Meet the DJ

Jesse Walker

Graphic Designer by day / Deejay by night.

Jesse Walker has promoted his unique vision of underground dance music in Salt Lake City and the Mountain West since the early nineties. With his vision fixed squarely on the future sound of the underground, he has quietly become an influential touchstone in the club community worldwide.

Jesse has been associated with the next-best dance clubs and events in Salt Lake City including his own legendary Just Wanna Dance, Prism, and long running NiteLite gatherings. Two of which ran for three plus years. His commitment to quality and unique ability to read and transform the energy where he plays has garnered a devout following in Utah as well as praise from his peers across the spectrum of dance music.

When he’s not playing host to some of the most respected DJ’s in the country, Mr. Jesse Walker can be heard mixing his uncompromising blend of deep, funky, intelligent music at a wide range of events. From festivals to fashion shows, rock concerts and sports exhibitions. Highlights include “REFLECTIVE SKIN,” a collaborative sound installation he produced for the 2006 Utah Arts Festival, performances at the 2002 Winter Olympics, official Sundance Film Festival parties, Salt Lake’s Gay Pride (one of the largest in the U.S.) and top billing with acts like WAR, EnVogue, Pepe Deluxe, Sandra Bernhard and Brazilian Girls. Following several nominations,
Walker was voted “Best DJ” by readers of Salt Lake City Weekly Magazine in 2008. He is also the Chief Visual Consultant at Contact Design by day, a unique graphics design company in downtown Salt Lake.

For more info check out his “NewCityMovement” website here.

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