To get you all excited about the show, here is the runway order of the 23 firms. Make sure you vote for your favorite team for the “People’s Choice Award“.

  1. Interior Solutions
  2. Blalock & Partners
  3. Chase Associates
  4. Henriksen & Butler
  5. Naylor Wentworth Lund
  6. VCBO
  7. Lisman Studios
  8. MWCI
  9. Interiors West
  10. JRCA/ Hatch
  11. CCG Howells
  12. Axis Architects
  13. BYU
  14. FFKR (Stephanie Mulford)
  15. Walls
  16. MHTN
  17. HFS Architects
  18. Avatar Design Group
  19. FFKR (Marbe Agee)
  20. Darrin Brooks
  21. EDA
  22. Architectural Nexus
  23. GSBS

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