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  1. Karen Hoffman says:

    I attended the fashion show last night and it was wonderful. I was so impressed with everything but a couple of things. The MC of the show was horrible. I cannot believe that he would not dress appropriatley for such a classy event. He was corny in his remarks and was not professional at all. I would hope next year you could find someone better. Also, I am very disappointed in the judges and the winners that were chosen. It seemed very biased and some of the winners outfits definitely did not deserve an award. You should not allow an interior design school to be allowed to vote for a favorite as USU’s entire design program students were there and voted of course for their design. Other than that it was wonderful.

    1. fashionremixslc says:

      Karen, thanks for your feedback. It is always good to hear where we can improve.

    2. julie jones says:

      Great event last night, the support, the donations, the excitment were awesome. It is great to see SLC support these events. Thanks to all who made this an amazing event. Looking forward to the next one.
      To set the record straight, having been the one who counted the voting boxes, the ticket stubs in the winners box were not primarily students, the box was filled with VIP, General and Student ticket stubbs, it was very well rounded! This year the judges did exactly what we asked of them, we asked them to not judge it based on a high fashion appeal, we asked them to judge it acoording to many things, which they did, and not knowing that might leave some feeling as if their team was not treated fairly. Either way, all teams deserved their awards, worked hard for them, I think they all came away winners with or without the recognition.

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