Please follow THIS link for Entry forms. Interior Design/ Fashion Student teams and Professional teams allowed (choose appropriate form).

Payments are due April 1st, 2016 and can be made two ways:
– Online HERE
– Mail check to IIDA Intermountain Chapter, PO Box 1740, Salt Lake City UT 84110

 Team Coordinator · Julie McHood · (801) 592-5525 ·

Design Team Guidelines:

Your Design Team may consist of up to 5 members – with at least one member from each of the following categories:

  • Design or Architectural Firm – up to (4) members – any employee of the firm.
  • Team can pair up with interior designers from outside their company if needed.
  • (1) Manufacturer Representative.

Each team needs to designate one member as Team Captain and one member to be your model.  Keep in mind the model will need to attend hair & makeup meetings, dress rehearsals and regular team meetings (see critical dates below).  The team captain will receive all email notices, deadline reminders etc.  Each team member receives one ticket for entry into the event.  Any changes to the team need to be pre-approved by the Fashion Remix Committee (FRC).  If there are issues your team cannot resolve, please contact FRC.

Manufacturer Guidelines:

The team is allowed to use any product/material supplied by the manufacturer within reasonable dollar value or quantity limitations that may be imposed by the manufacturer.  But please keep in mind that the intent of the event is to showcase your product by using it in a unique and creative way.  The manufacturer may contribute to the design process, but should not dictate a design to accommodate specific materials.  If a vendor represents more than one manufacturer, the team must choose one product line they will be using for their fashion and notify the FRC within 2 weeks after Kick-Off Party.  Fabrication of the materials into a garment is the responsibility of the entire team.  We encourage your team to try to sew and assemble your creation using your own methods.  However, you are allowed to have outside help assembling your garment at your team’s own expense.  Some materials are less conducive to becoming wearable fashion without other “connective” pieces.  Any questions regarding supporting materials, please contact FRC.  Excessive or inappropriate use of supporting materials will be considered during the judging process.

Product Guidelines:

  • Use only running line materials
  • Give your vendor ample notice when requesting materials.  Check with vendor for lead times.
  • Choose materials in conjunction with your product rep to find out what their manufacturer is willing to provide.
  • Remember the Manufacturer is not only donating time and money in materials to your design; they are also donating money to sponsor this event.
  • Please be sure to consult your vendor on limitations in quantities of products, parts, materials, budgets, etc.  PRIOR to planning your outfit.
  • Also please note any supporting materials – i.e. shoes, glue, etc. are the responsibility of the team. Make sure to have discussions up front with the entire team to find out who will be willing to pay for these added costs.

Judging Criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Craftsmanship, construction and detail
  • Use of manufacturer’s materials
  • Model’s performance and ability to “work it” on the runway
  • Pre-judging information and presentation


  • Best of Show
  • Most Innovative Use of Soft Material
  • Most Innovative Use of Hard Material
  • Honorable Mention (s)
  • Runway Presence
  • People’s Choice
  • Due to the unique materials and designs, the Judges are allowed to add additional awards as they deem appropriate.

Critical Dates:

  • Friday, April 1st  6:00 pm – Sign up deadline
  • Thursday, April 14th  5-6 pm – Kick Off Party/Team Formation Drawing at CCG Howells
  • Friday, July 15th 5:00 pm – Concept Title & Digital version of Sketch & first set of  5 progress photos digitally sent *
  • Friday, September 16th 5:00 pm – Second set of 5 progress photos digitally sent*
  • Friday, September 30th 5:00 pm – Actual Sketch Board for display including product representation (portrait orientation 30″ tall x 20″ wide either black or white foam core). These will be displayed at the event *
  • Monday, October 1st 5:30 – 7:30 pm Model Practice mandatory (date & time subject to change)
  • Thursday, October 6th 5:30 – 7:30 pm Model Practice mandatory (date & time subject to change)
  • Thursday, October 13th  – Time to be determined – Dress Rehearsal
  • Friday, October 14th – Time to be determined – Hair and makeup at Lunatic Fringe Salons
  • Friday, October 14th – 5:00 pm – Model + (1) team member at The Rail dressed for judging.
  • Friday, October 14th  – EVENT 6 pm – 10 pm 

*Failure meeting any of the given deadlines will result in deductions from Judge’s final score at event.


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